Jeff Delgado Draws Captain America, Hayao Miyazaki, The Doctor & More With A Smile
Sep 12th 2011 By: Brian Warmoth

Jeff Delgado’s art portfolio is a menagerie of seemingly liquid-smooth hybrid masterpieces, mixing and matching some of our favorite things. He’s turned the Doctor into Harry Potter; he’s transformed the cast of J.K. Rowling’s books into Scribblenauts figures; and he’s stuffed Russell from Up into his own field guide.


Great Illustrations by Jeff Delgado
June 28th 2011 By: Paulo Gabriel

Following my craving for illustrations, I found some great pieces by American artist Jeff Delgado. He's got some pretty cool illustrations worth checking out! I really like his style, a bit cartoonish but never stepping too far away from realism, which is good (in this case).


Featured Artist Jeff Delgado
July 7th 2011 By: Joel Delane

Todays featured artists is Jeff Delgado, who hails from California! I can’t find much info of this incredible artists apart from the obvious. He’s awesome! Just check out some of his stunning works below. Especially my personal favs featuring scenes from Lost and The Shining!


15 Miyazaki-Inspired Fan Art + Tribute Video
August 21st 2011 By: Movielicious

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